Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beginnings ... Wood Elf army

I've been collecting wood elf figures for some years now and haven't gotten around to putting much together. I think I've assembled some dryads and a couple of glade riders ...

However, I recently picked up a box of Wildwood Rangers (incidentally, also a box of Eternal Guard) and here are the beginnings of the first line:

Yes, I know the musician is missing an arm! Have you ever tried to whack on those one-handed giant axes? Not musician friendly. Anyway, he will probably end up with a sword in his other hand. Looking forward to putting together the rest and moving onto my Sisters of Twilight model I've been wanting to work on for ages!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kickstarter campaign: Dark Sword Miniatures/Stephanie Law range

Hi all,

I thought I'd take a moment to share this Kickstarter campaign for a lovely range of miniatures based on the artwork of Stephanie Law (website).

There are lots of free miniatures to be added to the core bundle and some fantastic add-ons if you increase your pledge by various amounts. Here is a look at a couple of miniatures included in the core bundle (obviously they come unpainted):

And here is the link to the campaign. The campaign has already reached and surpassed the initial goal, so you're guaranteed the core bundle plus all the free minis and add-ons (additional $$) unlocked so far!

Anyway, that's my plug. Normally I don't go for these campaigns, but I really love the miniatures in this range!