Friday, March 14, 2014

Painting goals - March 2014

Okay, so given there hasn't really been that much progress in my February goal (which was to finish painting all the non-civilian or non-special character Dogmen for Flintloque), that's going to feature in this month's goal, but I'll make it a bit more achievable and with some variety ;-)

Finish painting all my non-civilian/non-special character Dogmen Line Infantry and Jagers for Flintloque! 
That's about 6 or 7 miniatures, including a dwarf who's joined the Royal Guard after fleeing his homeland, and a jager to go along with Jager Meister (previously posted) ;-)

Prepare some Maiden Guard for painting!
So I've got about 40 or so ladies waiting to be glued onto bases and filed etc., so I'd be happy if I managed to get 10 or so ready for painting (and maybe 1 or 2 actually painted!)

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

M&M horde!

Very excited to have received a mini horde of Maiden Guard in the post this morning! These ladies bring my Maiden Guard troops close to (if not over) 40!

A couple of them have broken spears and obviously quite a few of them have a date with Mr Simple Green tonight, but now I have HEAPS OF MAIDEN GUARD!! Now comes the epic decision of whether to have one massive unit or two. They'll be standing in as "Spearmaidens" (core troop choice) when I play with them, seeing as I don't particularly want to convert them to use halberds or something and become a "counts as" unit of Phoenix Guard or something. ... I have enough command figures to have two full units, but I'm also looking to make a couple of conversions with the spare minis. Hmm ...

Also in the mail today, another Marauder unicorn!

Love this sculpt, which I've purchased previously together with the HE Sorceress (also Marauder). Since I didn't expect to like the full miniature, I had planned on using the unicorn for a Wood Elf conversion. It's growing on me, though, so the sorceress might get to keep her mount while I use this other one for the conversion. Then again, I recently found ANOTHER conversion that I'd like to attempt that also requires a unicorn ... Decisions, decisions!

Or maybe I just need a third unicorn?