Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hordes wish list

I recently discovered the Hordes miniatures. While I'm not particularly interested in getting into another rule system, I really do like the look of some of the miniatures.

This is my wish list ... still trying to decide whether to buy them right this second or wait until next month - dilemmas, dilemmas! For now, I'm contenting myself by making a wish list :-)

Reaper wish list

So, in order to put together an awesome team for Supercity, I've been doing a little trawling on the net. I've come up with a Reaper Miniatures wish list, which I'm posting here for my own convenience (too lazy to find a notebook! :-p)


Stay tuned for how these figures will be involved in the game!




Anvall Thricedamned

And, of course, I always find something totally unrelated that I end up wanting too!



Clockwork dragon


Hoplite (to be used as Xena, with a different head)


2012 ReaperCon Pirate Sophie


(Just found this guy on eBay for about $5 instead of $24.99 on Miniautre Giant site! Woohoo!)



Sandru Vhishki (to be used as Autolycus)


A new knight

I started this guy last weekend while at Leviathan; this is how he turned out!

And here is a shot of him with his formerly tuft-less mates:

Supercity heroine

This weekend I made a start on my team for a game of SuperSystem Christian and I are planning. This is Nebula:




I haven't yet gotten the miniature for the Professor Sheratan version of this character, but I've decided upon this one from Reaper, minus the skeleton of course!

Stay tuned for her character profile!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A champion among men

Finished my fifth knight! This one will be the champion of the unit:

And here he is ranked up with his men:

He and the yellow & black guy don't have tufts of dry grass yet, as I haven't sprayed them with dullcote yet.