Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blood Bowl Bunnies wish list

In my explorations of the Shadowforge  website, I came across these Gridiron Bunnies. I think they look pretty neat, so I'm going to start a new Blood Bowl team (yes, I know I haven't finished painting the Female Elf team yet)!

The team:

Coach, trainer and nurse:

Cheerleaders (not really convinced about these ... their heads look a bit odd):

I think I might not use the excessive B-based naming though ... it's kind of getting on my nerves after looking at all the minis names! :-S


  1. Looking forward to this! Contemplated a team myself for awhile(:

    1. Will definitely post up pics when it happens ... but I still have to finish my first team first! My poor female Wood Elves have not fared well in the past couple of years, I must say!