Monday, June 18, 2012

Next stop: Clyde

Hello all,

So the title is probably only funny (yes, I know it's lame!) to people living in countries that actually have a station called Clyde, but what the heck?

My first completed VSF mini "Clyde" from the Bonnie & Clyde blister by Lead Adventure Miniatures. A great figure and really fun to paint:




The coat is looking a bit dark in these pics ... it is a navy blue, but ever so slightly lighter than you see here.

My next mini will be Bonnie from the same set. Then I was thinking of trying the Expedition to Wonderland pack from LAM as well ... Bonnie & Clyde will lead a vampire hunt in Empire of the Dead (rules to be acquired) on a "dockside town" board Christian is working on. For Alice, though, I was thinking a diorama Tim Burton-style ...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Deserter ...

So, it turns out I found a spear-frog that had gone AWOL ... so my infantry has not been completed! *sigh*

I will endeavour to discipline (paint and base) this deserter over the weekend so I can get my photo done!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leaps and bounds!

Okay, so our Anzac Day painting plans didn't end up going to plan ... I did get some painting done on my dwarf adventurers, though they are sadly lacking in skintone detail to date (really must get onto that!).

My froglets didn't get finished either, though the good news is that I finished basing them yesterday! While King Ribbidibit's float and the frog cannon are still being drafted, my froggy infantry are ready to march, led by the misleadingly delicate-looking Princess Romina.

Next project, Supercity! And really want to finish the Z scale train project we started about two years ago - I think we're seriously in need of a novelty coffee table in the lounge room!