Monday, June 18, 2012

Next stop: Clyde

Hello all,

So the title is probably only funny (yes, I know it's lame!) to people living in countries that actually have a station called Clyde, but what the heck?

My first completed VSF mini "Clyde" from the Bonnie & Clyde blister by Lead Adventure Miniatures. A great figure and really fun to paint:




The coat is looking a bit dark in these pics ... it is a navy blue, but ever so slightly lighter than you see here.

My next mini will be Bonnie from the same set. Then I was thinking of trying the Expedition to Wonderland pack from LAM as well ... Bonnie & Clyde will lead a vampire hunt in Empire of the Dead (rules to be acquired) on a "dockside town" board Christian is working on. For Alice, though, I was thinking a diorama Tim Burton-style ...