Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Loot from Miniature Giant

My order from Miniature Giant has finally arrived! Had to wait for a couple of back-ordered Reaper figures, but I picked up my parcel from the post office this morning.

It's very exciting, because a couple of the minis I ordered are for our Supercity game:

One of these (the one bottom, middle) I plan to use for VSF with my LAM Bonnie and Clyde. And Terror on Planet X, complete with its own carry case!

Very happy they're here now, as it was taking very long and I was starting to think they'd been lost in the mail! Happily, it's my last week of uni for this year, so I will be having some more time for painting and making stuff. Stay tuned for something finished from this loot soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dungeon board

The latest of many commenced-but-not-completed projects that Christian and I are working on is a 3D dungeon board! We are going to use it for playing Warhammer Quest, but it can also be used as generic fantasy terrain, maybe with some of my cool figures from Shadowforge and Christian's Greek/Roman (?) skeletons (see pictured).

We got started yesterday on the first couple of tiles - just a couple of progress pics, but it's looking full of potential!

I had a day off work so I cut up some high-density foam into 50mm strips and Christian got started on engraving them into a grid. Hopefully we can post some more pics soon!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ogre Queen of Hearts

Just a quick update on my latest painting progress: this is the Queen of Hearts for a steam-punk or post-apoc game of Alice in Wonderland or something of the sort to be played at some point ;-)

I just think she's cool:

Will try and finish her during the week. Got some other minis lined up to start painting, including a little dragon! Stay tuned :-)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shooting Stars - a new blog!

Hi all,

Part of the reason I haven't been painting lately is that I discovered a new hobby - astrophotography! I kept seeing all these amazing pictures of landscapes with stars in the background and found myself wondering if it was possible to take these sorts of pictures without spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment! Turns out you can ;-)

My husband had wanted a DSLR camera for a while anyway, so I did my research and found one that was considered a good quality, entry-level camera for both daytime photography and night photography. Still just small steps, starting off with blurry shots because I used the wrong lens etc., but I'm happy to report some better results!

Here's a couple of more recent shots:


If you're interested in checking out my astrophotography blog, you can find it here: Shooting Stars. The post containing these pics and the rest from that session is here:Third night out - EOS 1100D 26.5.13. I've also been posting resources I've found useful and shots from professional photographers I've been following, so there's plenty of interesting stuff on there!

Anyway, planning on getting back to painting this long weekend: Nebula needs a new stat card (I forgot she's meant to have alternate form so she can be Professor Sheratan too!) so we can try out SuperSystem, and I want to paint my ogre queen! I think she'd make an interesting Queen of Hearts for an expedition to Wonderland ;-)