Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dungeon board

The latest of many commenced-but-not-completed projects that Christian and I are working on is a 3D dungeon board! We are going to use it for playing Warhammer Quest, but it can also be used as generic fantasy terrain, maybe with some of my cool figures from Shadowforge and Christian's Greek/Roman (?) skeletons (see pictured).

We got started yesterday on the first couple of tiles - just a couple of progress pics, but it's looking full of potential!

I had a day off work so I cut up some high-density foam into 50mm strips and Christian got started on engraving them into a grid. Hopefully we can post some more pics soon!


  1. That's a pretty cool way of making dungeon tiles. Using HD foam obviously presents lots of modelling opportunities, too. For my crawls I rather boringly regressed from tiles made from Hirst Arts molds to WotC/DnD card tiles. Anyway, can't wait to see how these turn out.

    1. Thanks Gareth! Made some progress lately and even tried out the Cavern Crawl rules. Pretty fun, can't wait to play again!

    2. And, yes, the foam is excellent for carving in textures and so on. Though Hirst Arts does offer some fun bits and pieces ... I started a fountain out of some HA bits and pieces for an Egyptian theme, so hopefully it turns out well!