Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another gladiator pic and some cool stuff for my wish list

Here's a photo I took last night of Livia preparing to fight Oblivius (painted by Christian). I thought they looked pretty cool waiting in the archways of the ludus ...

I'm thinking of getting some more female gladiators ... perhaps the hoplomachus from Shadowforge:


And maybe some of these, also from Shadowforge:



And some centaurs as well!


As well as the Dark Temple Vestals. 


Not really sure what I will use them for, but I really like the sculpts. We already have some of the Dark Temple Scouts for a "Medusa's Guard" sort of unit (one will have it's head unceremoniously chopped off and replaced with the head off a Mega Miniatures Medusa figure). Might get back onto that project after I finish off my 3rd edition Warhammer forces!

[EDIT] So, it turns out that I already have some of these! We bought them a couple of year ago now and I had completely forgotten about some of them. I have ticked off the ones I have as a virtual wish list for myself!

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