Wednesday, March 12, 2014

M&M horde!

Very excited to have received a mini horde of Maiden Guard in the post this morning! These ladies bring my Maiden Guard troops close to (if not over) 40!

A couple of them have broken spears and obviously quite a few of them have a date with Mr Simple Green tonight, but now I have HEAPS OF MAIDEN GUARD!! Now comes the epic decision of whether to have one massive unit or two. They'll be standing in as "Spearmaidens" (core troop choice) when I play with them, seeing as I don't particularly want to convert them to use halberds or something and become a "counts as" unit of Phoenix Guard or something. ... I have enough command figures to have two full units, but I'm also looking to make a couple of conversions with the spare minis. Hmm ...

Also in the mail today, another Marauder unicorn!

Love this sculpt, which I've purchased previously together with the HE Sorceress (also Marauder). Since I didn't expect to like the full miniature, I had planned on using the unicorn for a Wood Elf conversion. It's growing on me, though, so the sorceress might get to keep her mount while I use this other one for the conversion. Then again, I recently found ANOTHER conversion that I'd like to attempt that also requires a unicorn ... Decisions, decisions!

Or maybe I just need a third unicorn?


  1. That's at good start, are you going to get the Handmaiden of the Everqueen, Sisters of Avelorn and Alarielle the Radiant? Also what support units are you going to get? I could see using some of the your extra maids as crew for some HE chariots or a sky cutter.

    1. I've got Alarielle already (the original sculpt) and I'm converting an old Wood Elf foot mage into the handmaiden. I've also got a box of Sisters of Avelorn waiting to be put together. Trying to centre the army around Alarielle, but I've also got some old White Lions, a few chariots (including a conversion I'm going to do with Alarielle and a maiden guard charioteer on it!), Shadow Warriors and Lothern Sea Guard as well as some other characters. Mostly OOP things, though :-) Considering a skycutter, but not really sure yet ... accumulating way too many "special" and "lord-y" units, so trying to bulk up some core troops!

    2. Gotcha, So maybe a few "normal" core trooper box sets, or mix with some Wood Elf Glade guard because of the mixed male/female troopers. Of course they only come as Archers now.

    3. Yep. Was thinking I might get some more Lothern Sea Guard ... I also have some bits to make some plastic female archers - forgot about those! I'm going to use these bits from Eureka ( and other bits from other GW High Elf kits. Not really keen on the other core choices ... I think my troops are from too varied locations, and I'm trying to keep the focus on Avelorn and make the other units supporting forces :-/

    4. Not at all, say the white lions are just wood Elfs (woods men) Who keep some of the naster magical animals in Avelorn under control. Maybe paint them a different color then the white lions. The Showdow warriors are also native Avelorn scouts.(some ones got to keep an eye out for assassins, spies and invasion).
      And I though that the Maiden Guard also used spear and bow, so wouldn't they use the same rules as the Sea guard? And you can explain away any one talking about the male guard by saying they protect the outer curt and country side. Where as the Maidens job is to protect the Queen her self.

  2. Thanks, some great ideas there for pulling the units altogether into an Avelorn theme :-) I did consider using the Sea Guard rules for the Maiden Guard, but I wanted to have a greater variety of troop types (and I don't want male spearmen), so that's why I decided to use the MG as spearmaidens. I really like the idea of painting the White Lions more like woodsmen ...