Thursday, February 27, 2014

Schnöselburg jager

The next RGFSS recruit is a jager. I forgot to take a photo of him before painting, but if you compare him to his musketier comrades, you'll see the conversion work my husband did to give him a field cap instead of a shako.

Introducing Jager Meister! And here he is in his brand-spanking new uniform!



He'll shortly have a scruffy friend joining him. I want to see if I can have a few different types of dogmen in the jager unit ... they seem a ragtag bunch already!


  1. Great addition. From the Dog Jagers code I think.


    1. Thanks, Gavin! He's a conversion from the Dog Line Infantry set ... second from the left:

      Looks remarkably like the first jager on the left, below! :-)