Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OOP High Elf extravaganza! Chariots galore!

VERY excited to have just won an eBay listing for some OOP High Elf stuff! Among other things, the lot contained some maiden guard figures (awesome for rounding out my growing MG collection ... hmm, might have to split them into two units!), a metal Dragon Princes standard bearer and a HE Pegasus (as seen below)!!

I was excited that it seemed to include the rider, though was missing the throne/chair, but it was a Prince Tyrion model. Not to worry, though, as I'm sure I can pick the throne up somewhere eventually and am pretty certain I can almost exactly convert the Prince Tyrion (since I think I've already got him!) into this Pegasus knight (and by "I", I mean my husband haha!):

Last night I also picked up this old Tiranoc Chariot from 1997 on eBay as well:

Lots of excitement in the High Elf camp! So far, I have acquired 5 chariots - all (technically) different! So, my army will include:
  • Metal High Elf Tiranoc Chariot 1997 (pictured above)
  • Metal High Elf Tiranoc Chariot 1993 (?) (pictured below)
  • Plastic HE Tiranoc Chariot (current) from games Workshop
  • Plastic Lion Chariot of Chrace (current) from Games Workshop 
  • SPECIAL Everqueen Chariot (which will be a conversion from the current plastic GW kit and will feature the OOP Alarielle the Everqueen figure along with 1 or 2 of her maiden guard as charioteers!)

Very excited, as I never thought I would enjoy High Elves this much. To be honest, seeing the mass of rank and file troops on game tables in Games Workshop never really inspired me when it came to High Elves, even going so far as to say they were boring. But with the discovery of older, more charismatic figures, it is fast becoming one of my favourite races for Warhammer!


  1. Congratulations, those are some nice ebay victories.

  2. Sounds like a great score and a growing collection...I've always had a soft spot for these 4th ed models as well. I have a couple of Dragon princes that I'm willing to part with if you need them. I'm in the states though so it might not be worth the shipping.

    1. Thanks, Blue! I'll let you know after I count him up with the others I've got somewhere :-)