Monday, February 17, 2014

First game of Flintloque!

We’ve been busy the past couple of weeks putting some things together for a game of Flintloque, but on Sunday we decided to have a little test game. The board wasn’t even A4 size, but it was great for a three-on-three scenario. Here, the Dogmen of the Royal Guard of the Free State of Schnöselburg have come upon the elves of the Swizzic Republic, who are going over some secret plans:

(Board, house [left], hedge and table [both right] built from scratch by Christian.)

It is the Royal Guard’s objective to steal these secret plans, but the elves will protect them with their lives. You can see my grenadier has already been bested by the elves’ sure fire! Next, the cowardly Rittmeister Heißhund takes cover behind a barrel and fires his pistol at the elves:

Soon, the dogman musketier fires at the elven musketier from behind a tree trunk and the elf is hit and removed from the board. The dogman then engages the other elven musketier in melee and dispatches him brutally. Then the elven section leader takes revenge and removes the golden dogman from play. This leaves the two section leaders to battle it out in close combat. It is a tight struggle, but the dogman has the upper hand with his bonus from his sword of exquisite quality, and the elf is soon defeated:

The cowardly officer takes his prize gleefully:

Since we were just trying out the rules, we decided not to do away with any of our characters who had the misfortune to actually die. But we did roll for their fates anyway, and it was pretty simple to figure out what happened to each character. The rules are fun and creative, especially the special skills and traits (though we chose not to use them in our test game). There were a couple of spots that had us a bit confused, but after some more careful reading, we were able to figure them out. All in all, it was pretty easy to get a game going and certainly lots of fun!


  1. Excellent first game report. Very interesting and lovely terrain and miniatures. There is no game like Flintloque.

    I have seen several players try a 'micro-loque' scenario on a single tile or A4 sheet as you have and it can lead to a great fast game with specific objectives. I might well blog on this in the future.


    1. Thanks, Gavin :-) We really enjoyed playing.

      'Micro-loque', what a fetching title! Looking forward to that blog post :-)

  2. Thank you for the report. Flintloque on A4. Now there's an idea.


    1. No problem! It was pretty quick, but very satisfying to actually complete a game in a short period of time :-)

  3. Splendid! What a lovely looking game.


  4. very impressive