Friday, March 14, 2014

Painting goals - March 2014

Okay, so given there hasn't really been that much progress in my February goal (which was to finish painting all the non-civilian or non-special character Dogmen for Flintloque), that's going to feature in this month's goal, but I'll make it a bit more achievable and with some variety ;-)

Finish painting all my non-civilian/non-special character Dogmen Line Infantry and Jagers for Flintloque! 
That's about 6 or 7 miniatures, including a dwarf who's joined the Royal Guard after fleeing his homeland, and a jager to go along with Jager Meister (previously posted) ;-)

Prepare some Maiden Guard for painting!
So I've got about 40 or so ladies waiting to be glued onto bases and filed etc., so I'd be happy if I managed to get 10 or so ready for painting (and maybe 1 or 2 actually painted!)

Wish me luck!

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