Friday, October 29, 2010

Painting Princess - Origins

Hello, hello! Welcome to my blog :-)

What's with the title?

Do not be alarmed, it's not a tribute to the comic-but-girly Anne Hathaway/Julie Andrews flick ;-)

About three years ago, my fiance asked me if I wanted to learn how to paint miniatures. Not particularly excited at the prospect of painting a bunch of space orks, I told him I wanted to paint a princess... A few days later, he turned up with one!

Okay, so maybe she's not really a princess (she's actually a Bretonnian Damsel) but she became my introduction not only to painting but also diorama-making and wargaming.

Ever since, I've painted individual models here and there, as well as started a Bretonnian army, which is nowhere near complete but definitely fun to paint.

So stay tuned for army-painting progress, pics of my current projects and other bits and pieces!

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