Saturday, July 14, 2012


So, I finally got around to painting Bonnie, from the LAM Bonnie & Clyde set. Not totally happy with the skintone (was a bit frustrating getting the colour right, not having all my usual selection of paints available) but am pretty happy with the check pattern on her skirt. Might need a touch-up here or there ... I took some photos, but they all turned out pretty bad, so I've just put this one up to give you an idea:

Hopefully you can see some of the detail. Will take more pics and add ASAP. Feedback welcome :-)


  1. Nice work Romi! Love her skirt,very subtle,well done!
    I found Bonnie a rather difficult mini to paint,your's is much better than mine.

  2. Thanks Guy :-) she certainly was challenging to paint, took me ages to get her skin done and the lines, oh the lines! Had to do the back of her skirt three times!