Friday, August 7, 2015

More maidens!

Super excited to receive this parcel the other day, with 38 more maiden guard to swell the army of Avelorn!

My high elf army will be mainly female, with lots of troops from Avelorn to follow the Everqueen into battle. There will, of course, be some supporting troops from Tiranoc and Chrace, and maybe a dragon or two. But the bulk of the army will be made up of units of Sisters of Avelorn, maiden guard figures as Spearwomen, units of female archers, and also some converted Ellyrian Reavers (using Sisters of Avelorn heads and torsos). There will also be an Everqueen Chariot and a battle standard bearer on unicorn or pegasus (or both, since I can't seem to decide!) - looking forward to putting these together!

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