Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Woodland Sprites - still on the bench

Despite a couple of years on the bench, the Woodland Sprites are ready to make their comeback! Having already kicked some Norse butt in the Mad-Cap Cup, the Sprites are waiting for their new uniforms to come back from the designer!

They're in need of some shading and it would help if that extra, unpainted player were ready for action just in case. I think these Shadow Forge figures are a great alternative to the Citadel BloodBowl minis - they've got some great detail and are fun to paint. This is how they look so far:

I chose a non-wood elf colour scheme for a bit of fun. This coat needs re-visiting, as it was done about three years ago.

I'm also planning on having some cheerleaders, assistant coach and apothecary (but more on that later). A recent addition to the Woodland Sprites is a treeman:

This guy is going to give the Sprites a kick-ass defensive edge over their competitors! I'm thinking we might have to alter his pose a bit, so that he fits onto a normal, large mini base...

Anyway, this is the plan. Stay tuned for a player list, coming soon!

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