Friday, May 3, 2013

Terror on Planet X set

SO excited to have found this great set of Reaper figures on the Miniature Giant website:

The set is called "Terror on Planet X" and includes three awesome space mouslings (and one unfortunate victim) along with the tentacle-y alien! It is a discontinued, special edition set that was only sold during Reaper Artist Con 2011, I believe. Going to be checking my mailbox every day until it arrives!

Given the absurd postage costs coming out of the US (not to mention going to) these days, I decided to add a few more figures to the order to make the most of the fee for shipping this set. So, I'm also waiting for a few minis from my Reaper wish list: "Laura Pringle" (who is the alter-ego of Nebula, Professor Ariel Sheratan), "Malvernis" (who will also see some play as a character in Supercity, our SuperSystem game), "Nightslip" (who I currently have no use for, but just love the sculpt), and "Belle, Steampunk Heroine" (who I thought would look nifty alongside my Bonnie and Clyde figs from LAM).

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