Monday, May 20, 2013

Small Reaper hoard

Sadly, I have made no progress on any project in the past couple of weeks. Uni assignments and our book project have been getting the better of me (not to mention I discovered astrophotography and have begun my foray into that hobby as well). I was excited to receive a little parcel last week, though, with a couple of interesting Reaper items!

Nothing major, but the little guy in the middle is a Limited Edition mousling called "Monteray Jack" that I managed to score for just over $5 on eBay! If you're interested in getting Reaper figures (and a heap of other brands, too!) then Noble Knight Games on eBay is a good place to go.

The lady on the left is a Steampunk witch that I plan to use for Empire of the Dead, along with Bonnie and Clyde, and the Steampunk heroine I ordered from Miniature Giant (which hasn't been shipped yet, due to back-ordered items, boohoo!).

The one on the right is a dwarf wereshark dressed as a pirate. I found him so cute, I couldn't resist buying him!

Anyway, not a particularly meaty post, but an update will have to do for now! Hopefully this week will be kinder to the Bretonnians!

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