Thursday, January 2, 2014

New year, new projects!

Happy New Year, all! 2013 was one hectic year. But here's to a new start in 2014!

After a fantastic trip overseas, I finally got into painting some Flintloque minis from Alternative Armies. They're not quite finished yet, but I'm hoping to post some pics by the end of the week!

My husband and I also put together a mini soccer diorama as a Christmas pressie for my brother - pic to come soon, too!

I'm looking forward to actually getting some projects finished this year - a new year's resolution, one of many! CanCon is coming up in a few weeks, which is always fun, so hopefully I'll pick up something interesting there. I usually do!

Just a bit of a hint (or wishlist, perhaps?) as to what I plan to work on this year:
  • The Free State of Schn√∂selburg (stay tuned!)
  • GW High Elves
  • Large models (have a couple I've wanted to get started on for a while!)
  • Christmas in July (a Flintloque escapade!)
  • Some more VSF and mythology models
  • Supercity!
It's going to be an interesting year in terms of study and other things, but this is my plan. Here's hoping!


  1. Great to hear that you are keeping busy and have plans for the new year. Looking forward to photos.

    1. Thanks! Pic of soccer diorama is up and my Flintloque pics are coming shortly!